The Kiss & Tell Bottle

Renowned artist, Robert DuGrenier, showcases the beauty of the bottle with special glass accents which allow the bottle to rest without rolling when laying flat.

The reservoir pump spray system is an innovation in itself. Designed by a French-based entry 6-Sweetcompany Valois, this innovative system allows for total concealment of the pumps in each of the two chambers. In addition, it allows consumers to use every ounce of the precious fragrance, unlike conventional diptube systems.
the Bottle

The allure of Kiss & Tell® is captured in this handcrafted, unique bottle inspired by the many facets of a woman's individuality. The dual chamber bottle is uniquely crafted of hand blown glass, taking artisans as many as 7 hours to create one of these exquisite works of art.

Defined as a modern work of art, the two cylindrical glass chambers are fluidly formed -- one inside the other -- offering two related yet distinctly different fragrances. A design so innovative and imaginative, it has been awarded numerous design patents worldwide. With these patents and trademarks firmly in place, Kiss & Tell® is the only fragrance to offer two products in one bottle.

Kiss & Tell Bottle with Packaging

Kiss & Tell
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