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The complex elements of this scent combine to symbolize a woman who possesses daytime vogue, yet fulfills nighttime fantasies.
the Fragrance

The Kiss & Tell® scent created by Ron Winnegrad of Creations Aromatique, is the first fragrance that gives a woman utter flexibility with her perfume wardrobe with a single purchase.

The dual chamber contains two vastly distinct yet complementary fragrances, giving a woman the unparalleled ability to create her own aroma for her specific mood.

A refreshingly light version resides in the outer chamber of the unique handblown dual chamber glass bottle, while a luxuriously sophisticated version rests in the inner entry 5-Desirechamber. The fragrances can be worn separately or together in a myriad of unlimited combinations -- controlled completely by a womans desire.

As the first impression of the fragrance develops, a wet and fresh hint of crisp apple and subtle neroli express a lifestyle of carefree bliss. Pale but powerful, white narcisse and delicate tuberose are inspired by the striking character of soft muguet and feminine jasmine. Enticing and alluring, a crystal clear discovery is exposed to reveal the true essence of fluid musk and heated sandalwood.
We realize it is difficult to choose a fragrance over the Internet.
We hope this chart will help. If you like or frequently use the fragrances below, you will love
Kiss & Tell®.

Fragrance Comparison Chart
The Compositon of Kiss and Tell
The Compositon of Kiss and Tell
Sweet Honeysuckle
from the Northern coast of Italy, it is less sweet than the American version and it adds a rich, heady floralcy.
adds a warm, moist nuance to the topnote of the fragrance.
also known as lily of the valley, this sweet essence imparts a vibrant innocence to our blend. Seldom used since the yield of this oil from the flower is minimal.
produces the feelings of optimism and clarity in the mind, and is a warm stimulant of the senses. One pound of this oil costs thousands of dollars. It must be picked by hand before sunrise or it loses 20% of its fragrance value
Orange Blossom Flower
traditionally used on bridal nights to calm anxiety and stimulate the senses. Symbol of fertility in marriage.
Ylang Ylang Oil
soothes the mind, restores balance and has long been used as an aphrodisiac. This exotic oil calms nervous tension and stimulates desire.
this mildly narcotic scent is one of the most precious oils used in perfumery, imparting a rich luscious floral note. One of the most expensive essential oils.
long been used in India before prayer in temples, its rich, narcotic scent is very precious and used only in the best perfumes. Very rare and expensive. Less than 200 pounds produced in a year and it is the most sought after perfume ingredient.
this precious spice from the Malabar Coast adds sparkle, brightness and departs a unique character to our blend.
a warm, sensuous, rich wood that imparts depth and mystery, it calms and restores the spirit and supports the floralcy of the accord.
adds tenacity to the fragrance and imparts a youthful, potent sensuality.
Kiss & Tell
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