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Perfume Wardrobe

If you take a moment to analyze your clothing wardrobe, it most likely includes different textures, fabrics, styles, and colors to reflect the very different aspects of your lifestyle. Just like your clothing wardrobe, you also have a perfume wardrobe -- perfumes for day or night or even special occasions.
At a minimum, you have a daytime wardrobe for your career, a casual wardrobe for the weekends, and an evening wardrobe for those extra special nights out on the town. It may even include workout clothes and formal attire for those black tie events.
Now take a moment and think about the fragrances you apply when you dress for each occasion. You may have a different scent for each mood (which can be expensive) or wear the same scent for each event (which can be boring). Your perfume wardrobe, just like your clothing wardrobe, should be diverse yet cost efficient.
With Kiss & Tell® you can have the best of both worlds, with just one purchase. You can expand your fragrance wardrobe into an unlimited array of scents for every mood, style, or occasion.
Our 4.5 ounce Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum combination is perfect if you want a light scent during the day while you play or just relax on the weekends. Use the Eau de Parfum for the more sensual moments in your life. You can then accentuate your fragrance when dusk sets by combining the two fragrances for a night out on the town or a romantic dinner for two. You can wear each fragrance alone or combine the two. It's your prerogative. Imagine the possibilities. This combination is also available in our 2.0 ounce travelsize bottle.
If your lifestyle is more demanding than playful treat yourself to our 4.7 ounce Eau de Toilette and Pure Perfume grouping to diversify your fragrance wardrobe. From the office, to after dinner drinks, to that charity ball you're hosting, Kiss & Tell® is the only fragrance that gives you the control over your fragrance in one uniquely designed bottle.

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Layering Perfume

Have you ever tried experimenting with fragrance layering, mixing two separate scents to combine your own unique fragrance? Sometimes the result is delightful, but often time it is disastrous.
With Kiss & Tell® fragrance layering is foolproof. We have created the chemistry for you. No matter what combination of concentration is used, the scent is always alluring because the two fragrances are designed to complement each other. You control the concentration by applying the lighter scent from the outer chamber, the more intense formula from the inner chamber, or by combining the two for your own unique fragrance.
Begin your fragrance application with our Hydro Body Lotion. This unique moisturizer is the first "clear" body lotion, replenishing dry skin with the natural moisture only provided by your body's essential element, water. One application ensures a more even layer of fragrance from head to toe. Special blue millispheres release emollients, vitamins and the fragrance to keep dry skin soft and supple, which helps to retain the scent throughout the day. Continue your fragrance application by layering with the Pure Perfume, which resides in the second chamber. This "two products in one bottle" concept is only available from Kiss & Tell®.
Add that to the 2.0 ounce pocketbook flacon of the Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum and your collection of Kiss & Tell® is complete.
Unlimited variations of cardamom, jasmine, ylang ylang, tuberose, sandalwood, musk, muguet, narcisse, orange flower blossom, tangerine, and sweet honeysuckle, all combine into scents as unique as the woman wearing them.
Pulse Points

Finding the perfect perfume for your personality and lifestyle is challenging enough, and once you've found it, you should know how to wear it properly. Get the most out of your investment by limiting the quantity used and applying it to the right spots. A fragrance should act as a transparent veil which illuminates the woman as she passes by.
Quantity is important in application. Applying just the right amount of fragrance in just the right spots will be sure not to offend your company and in fact, may even compel a stranger to become an admirer.
Perfume should be applied to the following pulse points......

  • behind the ears
  • the sides of the neck
  • inside the wrists
  • the elbow creases
  • around the knees
  • and around the ankles
These special hiding places nurture the scent and help radiate the fragrance.
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